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Tour Tanzania with Us

A photo won’t capture the thunder of hooves on dirt as more than a million wildebeest and several hundred thousand zebra make their annual migration across the Serengeti. That loud roar of a hungry lion as it chases its prey only feels real and intimidates when you are just a few miles from the live-action. Nothing is more relaxing than watching a giraffe move with its distinct arrogant walk of a trained model across the plains of the Tarangire. Nothing beats the thrill of tours and adventure. Nothing! Whether traveling as a couple, a family, or a large group to any of the several tour destinations within the country, unprecedented fun awaits you as you venture across Tanzania.

What would it take for you to have an aerial view of Tanzania from the peaks of Kilimanjaro? As you stand at 5,895 meters above sea level, you feel a hint of invincibility as the cold breeze gently strikes your skin. You get a clear view of mountains and valleys stretching over thousands of miles. It even gets better at the Magoroto forest reserve where mountain hiking is just a glimpse of a wide range of activities that can be done. Mountain biking, among other activities, is something that should definitely be on your wishlist. Biking through the dense rainforest in eye-catching trails is a one-time life experience. Several attractions along the way make the trip even more interesting.

As the sun sets and darkness conquers the light, a whole new world wakes up in Tanzania. Camping and bonfires along the lakes lighten the mood. Even when the rest of the country is sleeping, you just never miss something to do. As a group, night sighting and group games liven the atmosphere. Everyone agrees that a delicious barbeque served at night, deep in forest camps is an unmatched event, right? That’s what you should expect as you tour around the country. Soft singing sounds of wild birds should gently wake you up early in the morning. To freshen up the body and mind, you can have a swim in the lakes or you could go chasing waterfalls to have a taste of water running down undisrupted from several meters high. As the water splashes your body, you would agree that the experience is unique. An early morning stroll in the Saadani reserve, for instance, would let you see a wide range of wild animals, the likes of lions, antelopes, and giraffes just to mention a few. A boat ride along the beach that coincidentally borders the reserve on one side is also an activity worth doing. You could fish during the ride to catch up a tasty lunch or you could just enjoy the ride. The beautiful natural beaches in Zanzibar where a swim with a dolphin is just as common as a walk in the park would be another destination to dream of. It is never boring! A tour to any destination would really be unforgettable.

Bongo plan is a platform that plans and organizes everything for you. Its role would range from suggesting the perfect destination for you with regards to your budget, transport to and from the destination, meals and accommodation during your stay, and will organize all activities for you to experience true adventure, all this at affordable prices. In other words, Bongoplan will set the stage for you, you will just have to perform! With a wide variety of tour destinations in Tanzania, you should get started right away because the experience is, I insist, unforgettable!

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